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Have you ever wondered how some people always seem to see the sunny side of things? How missed flights can turn into adventures, bad directions can deliver them to exciting new locales, lost opportunities lead them to new learning, and unexpected changes in plans leave them feeling more spontaneous than flustered? How does that work, exactly?


Count Your Blessings


Make a written (or mental) list of things you are thankful for, from very small to very big and anywhere in between. To really boost your spirits, set a number (like 100) and then just keep jotting everything down til you reach it. It’s amazing what the mind remembers when focused!


Notice Little Unexpected Things


Pay special attention to things you don’t normally "see," like the expression on kids’ faces when they’re playing, the sound birds are making in the background, or a little breeze.


Be Grateful For The Good


Being thankful for what we already have is a tried and true way to feel better. Sometimes we get caught up thinking of what else is out there, when we have so many things to be grateful for at any given moment.


Help Someone Else


Helping others takes the focus off our own ego and needs, and helps channel our energy into creating a better world for others. Studies show that helping others has multiple surprising benefits to our health and well-being.


Decide To Be Happy Today


This one is easy. Change your lens. Make a conscious decision to see the positive, to be kind to others, to be grateful, and to be nice to yourself.


Smile At A Stranger (And Make Two People Happy)对陌生人微笑(会让两个人都快乐)

Smiling is another time-tested way to feel more optimistic. Even if you "fake it til you make it," and smile when you don’t *really* feel like it, your brain thinks you feel better. People who see others smiling also feel more positive. Win, win!


Read Positive News


Proactively look for positive stories and news sources that highlight all the good in the world, like these sites for positive news and ideas.


Set A Small Goal, Then Do It


Pick something easy, quick, and ideally a bit fun. Even small chores work. Make a little list, check them off as you do them, and feel the accomplishment endorphins kick in!


Remember, Almost Everything Is A Choice


You can choose your viewpoint, what you focus on, you reaction to a situation, your attitude toward people and events, and almost anything else. While bigger changes may require more planning and deliberation, they also are choices; you control your destiny.


Absorb Nature


Getting out and about in nature — or even focusing more deeply on everyday things you see outdoors — helps remind us that we’re all in this journey together. Seeing the amazing intracies in even the tiniest creatures can help refocus appreciation.


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