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reading makes a full man

we see that the real factor by which a “full man” is made is neither education nor experience; it is reading. by reading scientific treatises, we are informed of many facts; by reading geography, we know the earth’s surface, forms, physical features etc.; by reading history, we are told of the growth of nations.

with eyes we can see; with ears we can hear. but at a distance, small objects can hardly be distinguished by naked eyes, and ordinary sounds are not audible to our ears without a transmiter. it is by reading that we can know many things without actually seeing or hearing them. besides, a fair knowledge of what the world is thinking and doing can only be acquired by reading newspapers and magazines.

therefore, no matter how advanced our education may be, or how much experience we may have, we cannot become “full man” unless we keep on reading.





happiness is your own choice

most of us compare ourselves with anyone we think is happier — a relative, someone we know a lot, or someone we hardly know. as a result, what we do remember is anything that makes the others happy, anything that makes ourselves unhappy, totally forgetting that there is something happy in our own life.

so the best way to destory happiness is to look at something and focus on even the smallest flaw. it is the smallest flaw that would make us complain. and it is the complain that leads to us becoming unhappy.

if one chooses to be happy, he will be blessed; if he chooses to be unhappy, he will be cursed. happiness is just what you think will make you happy.






"After eighteen years of age to begin to accept more and more isolated. In many cases, looking back, life really can not afford a few parting. I have time and again tried to make her strong, but I can not put calm, I can not remember buried, unable to wipe the tears yesterday, I had to admit that he is such a sensitive and fragile, I can never do that cold person; ;"


"Message boards and chats are not something one can easily read, you read in the process you will find that some people, some things, some emotions are detained each other because of the passage of time and disappear, finally settling down only a road injuries, torn reality."


"Life itself is very simple, just happy enough. Life is a state of mind, what kind of mentality who will naturally have what kind of life, do not follow the crowd, naturally optimistic attitude to face life, because your life colorful presence, bravely towards life! Better yet, you'll find yourself, life is wonderful because of you!"


"Met two people to do, but it is a person to leave the decision to meet is a start, but it is left to meet the next one to leave. It is a world popular to leave, but we are not good at goodbye."


"Sometimes people feel ignored his own, he had been too busy to think about the possibility. How I wish I was just a kid, give sweets to laugh, cry and fell. There are always a few songs, let us sad, let us cry. In fact, let's not cry those songs themselves, but those who are hidden in the memories of. Habit is a very terrible thing, because the habit will feel taken for granted; because nobody used to think about is what he looks like if they lose."







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